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About Us

The Bond of Taste

Experience the SR Foods delectable ensemble
A touch of goodness is added to each bite as we prepare our special sweets with an abundance of love. Our main aim is to offer our customers freshness and authenticity, while being unique and exclusive with our Indian snacks and sweets.

Discover our story

SR Foods offers an authentic variety of mouth-watering mithais as well as indian and international cuisines. Our retail outlet, SR Meethas, has an extensive and exclusive range of mithais that have national and international patronage. The delectable seeras, the rich barfis, laddoos and sandesh are a treat for people who love indulging their sweet tooth.

Offering authentic Indian and International Cuisines

SR Foods is a premium hospitality and catering company that offers authentic Indian and International cuisines with a wide array of mithais and desserts.

Handcrafted Mithais

SR Foods provides an extensive collection of mouth-watering and artisanal mithais. There is no better way to bring people together than with sweets.


As a company, we have grown to provide complete catering services covering an extensive menu and have developed an infrastructure to cater to gatherings of up to 2500+ people. We also cater to events outside Mumbai with complete ease.

  • SR Foods , Hughes Road Outlet , Shop no 4 & 5 , Parmanand Building , 11/15 French Bridge Road (SR CATERING & HOSPITALITY LLP)

  • Mumbai